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Maaatt was founded to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry, which currently faces overproduction, overconsumption and unfair production. Maaatt produces locally, uses environmentally responsible fabrics and collaborates with textile companies that follow the same principles. Maaatt's goal is to make the fashion industry more sustainable and thereby contribute to a better world. Maaatt's influencer subsidiary helps promote this message in a fair and socially responsible way. Maaatt was founded by a fashion professional who is aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the world and wants to reduce it through a sustainable approach.

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We aim for a better future

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A better planet is what drives us

Creating a community where fashion companies, organizations and factories work together to produce locally, fairly and circularly produced clothing and contribute to reducing overproduction, overconsumption and unfair production in the fashion industry. The goal is to grow into a large international online platform where everything is well organized and where sustainability and circularity are central.

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