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Digitalisation & durable fabrics

Maaatt leads the way by integrating digitalisation and durable fabrics, meeting the demands of today’s conscious consumers.
We utilise advanced technologies like 3D modelling, digital fabric printing, and AI-driven trend analysis to streamline design, reduce waste, and enhance customer experience. Our online platforms offer virtual try-ons and personalised recommendations for a perfect fit.
Durable Fabrics : We prioritise sustainability by selecting high-quality, eco-friendly materials such as regenarated nylon, organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and Tencel. These durable fabrics ensure our clothes are long-lasting and reduce environmental impact.
By combining innovation with sustainability, we offer fashion that is both cutting-edge and responsible.

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Trend watching

A sustainable look into the future

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and trend-watching is an integral part of staying ahead of the curve. In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in the fashion industry. Companies are now looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining their core values and aesthetics. This has led to an increased focus on eco-friendly materials, ethical production processes, and innovative designs that are both stylish and sustainable.
From the use of recycled materials to the implementation of fair labor practices, there are many ways for fashion brands to become more sustainable. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social implications of their clothing purchases, and are demanding more sustainable options. As a result, trend-watching in the fashion industry must take sustainability into account in order to stay ahead of the competition. By keeping up with the latest trends and incorporating sustainable practices, fashion brands can continue to create stylish, sustainable, and ethical products that meet the needs of their consumers.


Reduce sampling rounds to the bare minimum

The future of the industry lies in 3D fashion software. By providing virtual samples, it can save millions of dollars, reduce the number of miles travelled and reduce the amount of fabric used. As the best way to getto the market faster, get feedback quicker, save resources and increase sustainability, 3D software is something that everyone in the fashion industry should be looking into right now. 
CLO’s greatest strength is that it allows designers to work in3D. It allows them to drape the garment in the software and make real-timechanges that guarantee great results even for those who have difficulty understanding complicated pattern making. CLO’s fabric rendering is impressive and allows for real-time manipulation and 3D models that are very close to the real-life product.

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Our knowledge is yours

In our current climate, sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses to consider when making decisions. To ensure that sustainability is taken into account, it is necessary to undertake trend research, trend presentation, and develop strategic product development strategies.
Trend research helps to identify any emerging trends in the market that could have an effect on sustainability, allowing companies to stay ahead of the competition and make decisions that are beneficial for the environment. Presenting the findings of the research to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner is also essential, as it allows them to understand the implications of the findings. Additionally, developing a product development strategy that takes sustainability into account is essential for the long-term success of the business. This strategy should include factors such as reducing waste, using renewable resources, and considering the environmental impacts of production. By taking these steps, businesses can ensure that their decisions are beneficial for both the environment and their business in the long run.
At Maaatt, we advise our partners to take these steps to ensure that their decisions are beneficial for both the environment and their business in the long run. By taking these steps, businesses can ensure that their decisions are beneficial for both the environment and their business in the long run.

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